Why Do WordPress Optimization And Speed Matters For Your SEO?

Speed and optimization of your WordPress website are incredibly crucial to rank on the Google search engine. Did you know that the recent Google algorithm expects your page to load in just 1-2 seconds? Surprising, isn’t it?

If you’re a beginner wondering why your page is sitting at a low position in the SERP, then this article is definitely for you!

WordPress page speed and its importance

Google search engine ranking pages or SERP determine where your website positions on different devices based on its loading time. Apart from optimizing the initials like tags, description, and everything, the site’s speed is equally responsible for the position on search engines. Therefore, we can define the speed of a WordPress website as the total amount it takes for the site’s page to load for the user.

Now, let us discuss some of the key points why WordPress optimization and speed matter for SEO.

Click-through rate of your website

Your website’s position on the Google search engine depends heavily on the CTR of your website. To make sure you have a comparatively higher CTR as a beginner, make sure you’ve optimized the permalink URL of the website. Please search for the ranking keywords related to your content and add them to the URL of your website.

This way, the visitors will get an insight on the topic of the blog through the permalink.

Optimizing images for SEO

  • Images play a pivotal role in adding to the weightage of your website. Therefore, it should be compressed and optimized effectively. Poor image customization will lead to more buffering and decrease the speed of your website.
  • Compress your image to reduce the size
  • Add keywords in the images
  • Enable lazy loading mode in the design pattern
  • File size should not be more than 99kB

Inessential plugins on your WordPress website

There are multiple reasons to go through the plugins of your website periodically. Generally, an outdated and large number of plugins cause unnecessary jam of information on your website and ultimately slow down the speed. Sometimes, the plugins are incompatible with the hosting provider, reducing the website’s rank on search engines.

Choose the right hosting provider!

A significant portion of your website’s ranking and speed depends on the hosting provider. You can find several hosting providers, and a couple of them are also shared ones. However, we won’t suggest going down the cheaper route because they will assign a shared server which will undoubtedly lower the ranking.

Therefore, choosing the right host might be costlier. Still, it will not create a hole in your pocket because it will focus on the user experience.

Meta tags and description

The metadata like description and tags should go well with the SEO. Every content you post shall contain the targeted keywords to boost your ranking on Google. This method is also effective in improving the CTR of your website.


WordPress is the go-to stop for SEO and generating revenue through a website. Finally, you know why WordPress speed and optimization matter for your SEO and how you can look out for the critical factors to improve your site’s ranking!