One of the toughest challenges that a website owner has is making sure that the website loads fast and that it conveys a great experience to customers.

That being said, if you have WordPress installed on your website, using plugins can be a very good idea, and it has the potential to help more than you might expect.

Perfmatters is one of the plugins you can use to boost the overall performance of the website, with results that are incredible every day.

What is the role of Perfmatters?

As the name suggests, performance matters quite a bit, and it’s important to learn how to improve the website speed the best way that you can.

Perfmatters does that very well, since it customizes and implements solutions designed to make the website speed the best that it can be. Not only is it quick and reliable, but you will appreciate the great ease of use and attention to detail.

What features are provided by Perfmatters?

One of the great things about Perfmatters is that it comes with some quick toggle options. These help you enable and disable all kinds of things on your website. Post revisions, embeds, emojis, Heartbeat API, comments, Google Maps, WooCommerce cart treatments, all of these can be handled appropriately and without any issues, which is a great thing to take into account.

Aside from that, Perfmatters also has a script manager which is incredibly helpful and it can make it easy for you to disable scripts for every post or page that you want, all without any hassle. They also have database optimization, which can be a great thing to have for the regular maintenance of your own database too.

If you want, Perfmatters also implements lazy loading, which helps delay video, image or iframe loading until the user is scrolling down the page. This is a good way to speed up website loading, by focusing on the essential items.

It’s also possible to change the WordPress login URL too. Moreover, they added things like CDN rewrite, and you can also host Google Analytics locally too if you want, so it’s easier to speed up the website properly and without any worries.

They also offer a way to preload resources so the website loads faster, and you can also add your own custom code to the footer, body and header of the website too, which is really nice. Simply put, you have it all ready to go and fully customizable to get every bit of speed from the website.


Should you use Perfmatters? If you want to have a powerful, fast and reliable website, then Perfmatters is a no-brainer.

It has all the features you need to speed up your website and the great thing is that you always receive full control over them too. You can choose what to turn on, what to turn off, and that alone delivers great flexibility.

It’s a nice idea to give Perfmatters a try, so don’t hesitate and check it out for yourself!