The theme you use for creating your website is not only important for branding, but it also delivers the first impression in front of your customers.

That’s why you want a theme that’s easy to use, dependable and also very appealing. Which is where the GeneratePress theme comes into play.

This is a lightweight WordPress theme focused on accessibility, stability and speed. You have great building blocks and everything can be adapted accordingly based on your needs.

A true focus on performance

Website speed and performance are crucial for your users, and GeneratePress can definitely help you fulfill those goals with amazing results. What GeneratePress does is it focuses on things like usability, speed and accessibility.

Not only does this help you rank high in search engine results, but it also conveys better value and quality to users, which is extremely important.

Compatible with any plugin

Compatibility is also at the core of GeneratePress. This theme makes it easy for you to include any type of plugin that you want.

Whether you want to focus on adding more functions, expanding your reach or bringing in lots of new, creative ideas that will make your website better, this can help immensely. All you have to do is to avail the opportunity and you will be amazed with the experience.

Comprehensive, block-based theme building

Thanks to the GeneratePress Premium solution and the free GenerateBlocks plugin, you are able to visually create the theme you always wanted. The amazing thing here is that you don’t have to know any coding, everything is managed in the background. That conveys great versatility and value, which is exactly what you want to pursue.

It’s possible to custom-make anything you want for your website, since there’s complete control and design freedom. That’s extraordinary, and it just makes things better than ever before.

Lots of templates to work with

You don’t have to start your own website from scratch. Instead, you can use some of the many GeneratePress templates and then modify that based on your needs.

This is helpful because you can save many hours and even days of development time. You have access to the right starting point and you can then go wild with the ideas and features you want to use.

Take the experience to new heights with GeneratePress Premium

If you need more than just the regular features, you can go for the premium version of GeneratePress.

This will give you a vast range of solutions like an advanced hook system, infinite scrolling, archive columns, an advanced layout system, mobile headers, secondary navigation, WooCommerce customization and support, among many others.


If you always wanted to visually create your website without worrying about coding and modifying any part of it properly, then GeneratePress is the ideal option for you. It’s a great solution for anyone that wants to hand-modify their website and use building blocks to fully modify and adapt their website based on their needs.

Give GeneratePress a try today and access one of the best website creation tools on the market!