Builderius – What it is and why you should try it out

Whatever activity you can think about today,it has a myriad of options to choose from. From nutrition to entertainment to work tools. There are more than enough exciting options to select from for everybody.The choice for what your working tools will be is very delicate. You need the most convenient, reliable and fast working tools.

The web development world is also wealthy in options, but a lot of them suffer from many flaws. Some of them are slow, some bug unnecessarily or just plainly do not work. A lot of these tools do not satisfy web designers and developers.

This is where the two saviors come in. Volodymyr Denchyk and Vitalii Kiiko. These are the names of the people who decided the situation is too messy and came up with a solution.

The two co-founders came up with a WordPress plugin called« Builderius ». Volodymyr and Vitalii both combine for more than 21 years of web development experience which is quite impressive.

You might now be asking yourself why we’re making so much hype around another WordPress plugin, but you might end up being surprised.

Lets break down the advantages of Builderius into 5 points :

  1. Flexibility : Firstly, Builderius is not just another plugin, but it’s a complete site builder that allows you to create more types of webpages than you can imagine. Builderius is a very flexible tool containing numerous features that are compatible with other WordPress tools. You probably have experienced problems before with plugins or builders that promise you the world, but actually do not allow you to express your imagination. While trying out Builderius in the first few days, you will notice how easy it is to use compared to the alternatives that you’ve used before. Into flexibility also goes , lack of conflicts between features. The free demo can allow you to notice what we’re talking about. The builder also gives you control over your work, which is something that you’ve always wanted in a web builder.
  2. Modernity : Builderius was built to be an everlasting tool that has to adapt with the frequent changes in the world of technology. You will notice that Builderius includes useful and new tools such as CSS flex box which is fully integrated to give you the best results possible. The users of this plugin intend to improve the tool and better over time.
  3. Compatibility : Builderius does not suffer from integration problems. Some WordPress plugins and builders have the ‘audacity’ to ask you to deactivate the theme you bought and that you love so much for your site. This tool adapts to a variety of themes, and you can apply the options that you want to your site. Some pages can use Builderius while others can be created with other tools without any conflict.
  4. SEO friendly : The plugin is SEO-friendly and is also magnificently compatible with SEO tools. You really want to use SEO friendly builders if you intend to get traffic from search engines. Building beautiful pages and mobile-friendly ones is not just enough, but you need compatibility with web crawlers and search engine algorithm.
  5. Pricing : This builder also has a friendly pricing system. After you try the demo for a few days, you can acquire an unlimited lifetime license for $99. Many other tools give you a monthly payment option that might look light on your hands, but your web development activity is something you’re serious into, and you intend to do it for long. Paying for a lifetime license helps you get the assurance that you have a trustworthy tool for long that will help you complete your projects efficiently.

Overall, you can notice that this builder has countless interesting features and can help you boost your productivity. Whether you’re a freelancer or you work for a web development agency, you can really benefit from Builderius. Its cost is also an excellent point of interest for all that you can get with it.