Breakdance Website Builder from Oxygen

Websites are a cluster of web pages that provide information regarding almost every field when searched on the internet. There are billions of websites out there. To stand among the competition, websites should be unique, attractive, and user-friendly. If not, the customers or people won't visit the website.

Among the website builders, Breakdance occupies a prominent place. Breakdance is the website builder that you always wanted due to its features. It is available in alpha and can be downloaded for free at

Features of Breakdance

As per the name itself, Breakdance comes with some handy features. Breakdance comes with 100+ elements and features with WooCommerce,

Beginner-friendly UI, Full site editing, Mega menu builders, Form builders, Global styles, Performance and SEO, Dynamic data, Developer friendly, and a Library of designs to build a user-friendly, eye-catching website. Using the custom drop-down feature, you can drop down elements whatever you want when designing the website.

The UI design is pretty much user-friendly and kind of a blend of oxygen 4.0. The contents can be designed using the themes that come as default or without the themes. The right-click feature eases the editing works such as copying, pasting, deleting, and saving as a global block. Headers, footers, and templates can be designed using the full site editing feature.

Dynamic data provides an appealing appearance for the pages by integrating the toolset and elements. The performance and SEO feature helps customize HTML tags and plugin SEO compatibilities. The website can be coded with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS using the developer-friendly feature in Breakdance.


Elements of Breakdance

Elements play a significant role in website building. Breakdance is flooded with features that make it an easy website builder. The parts are fancy and come at an affordable price. If you consider lists, there are different varieties like icon lists, essential lists, checkmark lists, etc. Masonry gallery, justified gallery, and multiple galleries are some galleries where you can find images.

Breakdance website builder is compatible with the latest PHP version and has several features, especially for web developers.
Now developers can add data points TO dynamic data selector using Dynamic Data Point API; Breakdance also provides conditions API, Form actions API, and PHP Code Block to run PHP code inside the breakdance web builder. They keep improving the services to make them more flexible and functional, developing these APIs for you.

Advanced features of Breakdance

You can type or insert anything into the advanced slider option. Social icons, program bars, different types of tabs, logos, testimonials, notification bars, and social media elements are some trending elements in the breakdance website builder. Shape divider, gradients, and video backgrounds.

What do we think about the Breakdance Web site builder?

As a beginner or pro in web design, we always recommend easy and flexible development options and services. That is why Breakdance is a handy website builder. You can easily add background videos, Slideshows, Text Effects, and animations without hesitation using the Breakdance website builder.

You can make your website 100% responsive and add custom breakpoints according to the device, such as android mobiles, iPhones, Tabs, etc. You can assign a manager to your website using the client mode. If you are a developer or web starter, Breakdance is the platform you are looking for.