Builderius – What it is and why you should try it out

Whatever activity you can think about today,it has a myriad of options to choose from. From nutrition to entertainment to work tools. There are more than enough exciting options to select from for everybody.The choice for what your working tools will be is very delicate. You need the most convenient, reliable and fast working tools. … Read more


Spectra a WordPress Visual Website Builder your going to love.

Are you planning on starting a website and don’t have a lot of web designing experience? Are you worried that your website won’t look good enough? Well, don’t worry! Meet Spectra – a WordPress Visual Website Builder that can help you create your dream website. It is an easy-to-use website builder that will help you create … Read more

Breakdance Website Builder By Oxygen

Breakdance Website Builder from Oxygen

Websites are a cluster of web pages that provide information regarding almost every field when searched on the internet. There are billions of websites out there. To stand among the competition, websites should be unique, attractive, and user-friendly. If not, the customers or people won't visit the website. Among the website builders, Breakdance occupies a … Read more

BBQ PRO WordPress Plugin

BBQ PRO Plugin-What It Does and 5 Reasons Why You Should Use It.

Does securing optimum security for your site sound great? Install BBQ PRO Plugin today and enjoy reliable, customizable, and maintenance-free protection against malicious attacks. Hackers build malicious bots that scan your sites for vulnerabilities. If you are a WordPress administrator or manager, you do not want these hackers or their bots hovering around your site. … Read more

Block-Based Themes Are Here, and They’re Amazing

Block-Based Themes Are Here, and They’re Amazing

WordPress 6.0 is one of the most significant updates to WordPress in a long time. Over 1000 changes are included in the update, and the way WordPress works have changed with the introduction of Full Site Editing and block-based themes. Basically, the entire WordPress theme is built with blocks. This looks mostly the same from … Read more

webpage bloat

Why is page bloat problematic, and how can you solve the issue?

Making sure that you always have the correct paging is very important, and you also want to keep the page size small. As we know, loading speed is crucial, and if your website barely loads up, people will move on to another site. Granted, website complexity has increased over the years, so a website that … Read more


HostKoala – Cheap Webhosting Service Review

HostKoala is a hosting service provider located in Malaysia. At first, HostKoala provided web hosting services to individuals and local businesses, after which it expanded globally in the year 2017. As a business, HostKoala prides itself on its uptime and server status. They publish their data through their site. Their uptime history has shown 100% over … Read more


Why Do WordPress Optimization And Speed Matters For Your SEO?

Speed and optimization of your WordPress website are incredibly crucial to rank on the Google search engine. Did you know that the recent Google algorithm expects your page to load in just 1-2 seconds? Surprising, isn’t it? If you’re a beginner wondering why your page is sitting at a low position in the SERP, then … Read more


Why you should use WordPress as a content creator

If you’re looking to write content online, create your own blog and establish a powerful online presence, then WordPress is the right platform for you! Over the years, WordPress has managed to grow in ways you would never imagine, and it continues to stand out with its great features. Here are some of the reasons … Read more

Perfmatters Web Performance Plugin for WordPress


One of the toughest challenges that a website owner has is making sure that the website loads fast and that it conveys a great experience to customers. That being said, if you have WordPress installed on your website, using plugins can be a very good idea, and it has the potential to help more than … Read more