BBQ PRO Plugin-What It Does and 5 Reasons Why You Should Use It.

Does securing optimum security for your site sound great? Install BBQ PRO Plugin today and enjoy reliable, customizable, and maintenance-free protection against malicious attacks.

Hackers build malicious bots that scan your sites for vulnerabilities. If you are a WordPress administrator or manager, you do not want these hackers or their bots hovering around your site.

BBQ PRO offers an excellent solution by blocking all potentially harmful requests bots make as they scan for weaknesses.

With BBQ PRO, you will not have to go through tedious setup processes. Install and activate, then enjoy fast, reliable protection from attack. Read on to see the useful features and how this works.


The BBQ Plugin is an excellent protection tool developed by Jeff Starr. The firewall has come a long way and is now available in its seventh generation version. The BBQ Firewall Plugin goes through constant updates to maintain excellent service to all users.

The author develops updated versions of the BBQ PRO through evaluation of new firewall rules and emerging attack strategies.

The BBQ plugin combines the 6th gen and 7th gen rules resulting in a fast yet light tool that does not affect the speed of your site. With BBQ, you won’t receive false alerts.

A free version of the BBQ PRO is available, and it gives users excellent service. However, activating the premium version will provide you with access to all additional advanced features which guarantee seamless protection.

How Does The BBQ PRO Work?

BBQ PRO works by scanning all requests made to your WordPress before execution. The tool will block all requests made by malicious URLs. Years of refining and testing guarantee you full security for your site, with zero false alerts.

The plugin analyses all requests made to your site by comparing them against a database of known attack patterns. When BBQ detects a malicious request, it denies the visitor access by sending an HTTP Status code 403, which means access is denied.

BBQ will protect you from a wide range of potential attacks, including the infamous zero-day attacks.

What It Does?

The BBQ plugin scans several parts of all requests made to your site. Some of the parts scanned include;

  • The sender
  • User Agent
  • Request URI
  • Associated Query String.

By checking through all possible request methods such as POST, DELETE, PUT or GET, the tool can identify and stop an attack before it happens.

BBQ Plugin helps you protect precious server resources linked to your site, including bandwidth and memory. By silently running in the background, BBQ Pro will check all the traffic and block all URI requests like base64_ that contain risky stuff.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use BBQ Pro Plugin

  • Guarantees you advanced, fast, and fully customizable firewall protection. BBQ is lightweight and flexible. It is the quickest Web Application Firewall application for WordPress users.
  • It protects you against all known attacks and hacker bots. It is constantly updated to counter new attack strategies by hackers. Excellent testing guarantees that this service is error-free.
  • It is fully compatible with other security plugins. BBG PRO works well with other plugins for maximum protection.
  • BBQ PRO won’t collect or store any of your data. You will not receive unnecessary cookies from BBQ. Also, the plugin does not share your data with any third parties. You are assured of 100% data safety.
  • Fully plug and play. You do not have to go through complicated configuration processes. Simply install the application, activate it, and it will automatically begin working in the background.


Malicious attacks from hackers constantly threaten the online community. If you operate a WordPress site, you need an efficient security tool. This article provides you with one such tool, the BBQ PRO. With a five-star rating in WordPress, it is your best shot at maximum protection against all sorts of potential attacks.


Will BBQ block any malicious strings in arrays?
Absolutely. BBQ PRO scans the URI requests for potential arrays included. If any matches are detected, the array is immediately blocked.

Will BBQ alter my .htaccess file?
Not at all. BBQ PRO does not make changes to any of your .htaccess files.